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Why Wave

General purpose robots in the agriculture industry.

Introducing Wave

Our robot scans crops for quality, ripeness, pests, and diseases, allowing chemicals to be applied only when and where necessary. This avoids blanket spraying of entire fields and orchards.

Wave enables farmers to manage their crops more efficiently, reducing waste and improving yields. Wave operates in diverse agricultural settings - from open fields to orchards, providing valuable data that helps farmers make informed decisions.

Wave can navigate through rows of crops, analyzing each plant for quality, ripeness, and signs of pests or disease. It also assesses soil conditions, allowing for precise application of fertilizers and other treatments. The data collected is processed providing actionable insights that help farmers optimize their operations.

Wave is built for rugged outdoor conditions and is designed to operate autonomously, freeing up valuable time for farmers. By using Wave, farmers can not only improve their yield and profitability but also contribute to sustainable farming practices by reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Ripeness Assessment Example

Ripeness Assessment

Wave uses mainly optical sensors to assess crop quality and ripeness. This data helps farmers determine the optimum time for harvest, ensuring maximum yield and reducing waste.

Disease Detection Example

Disease Detection

Wave's high-resolution cameras and machine learning algorithms identify pests and diseases at an early stage. This allows for timely intervention, reducing crop loss and improving overall yield.

Precision Agriculture Example

Crop Analysis (Precision Agriculture)

Wave precisely maps and analyzes the soil and crop conditions. It allows for targeted application of fertilizers and pesticides, reducing their overall usage, saving costs, and minimizing environmental impact.

Wave increases your efficiency and aids in reducing fertilizer use.


Less Nitrogen


Less PGR and Harvest Aids


Annual Savings (Average in US)

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